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Monero Configuration File


By default Monero looks for bitmonero.conf in Monero data directory.

To use a specific config file add --config-file option:

./monerod --config-file=/etc/monero.conf

The --config-file option is available for:

  • monerod
  • monero-wallet-cli
  • monero-wallet-rpc
  • monero-gen-trusted-multisig


  • option-name=value
  • valueless-option-name=1 for options that don't expect value
  • # I am a comment
  • whitespace is ignored


All command line options work as configuration file options. See monerod reference.

Skip the -- from --option-name.


./monerod --log-level=4 --stagenet

translates to:

stagenet=1     # use value "1" for


# /etc/monero.conf

# Data directory (blockchain db and indices)

# Log file
max-log-file-size=0            # Prevent monerod from managing the log files; we want logrotate to take care of that

# P2P full node
p2p-bind-ip=            # Bind to all interfaces (the default)
p2p-bind-port=18080            # Bind to default port

# RPC open node
rpc-bind-ip=            # Bind to all interfaces
rpc-bind-port=18081            # Bind on default port
confirm-external-bind=1        # Open node (confirm)
restricted-rpc=1               # Prevent unsafe RPC calls
no-igd=1                       # Disable UPnP port mapping

# Slow but reliable db writes

# Emergency checkpoints set by MoneroPulse operators will be enforced to workaround potential consensus bugs
# Check for explanation and trade-offs

out-peers=64              # This will enable much faster sync and tx awareness; the default 8 is suboptimal nowadays
in-peers=1024             # The default is unlimited; we prefer to put a cap on this

limit-rate-up=1048576     # 1048576 kB/s == 1GB/s; a raise from default 2048 kB/s; contribute more to p2p network
limit-rate-down=1048576   # 1048576 kB/s == 1GB/s; a raise from default 8192 kB/s; allow for faster initial sync